Hello there! Well, it’s in between those two great holidays where stuffing yourself is allowed. Up here in the far North we have been experiencing quite the winter. It started out with the longest prettiest fall we’ve ever had here. The fall colors usually come in around the end of August and last about two weeks before the leaves are blown off the trees. This year, we had no winds allowing the leaves to hang around for ¬†longer than usual. The¬†first real snow fall didn’t come until November, resulting in a snow free Halloween! This was followed by a bit of a cold snap with temps in the negatives, which progressed into a couple of weeks of ice storms and now finally has relaxed into a traditional Alaskan winter with 12″ of snowfall in 24 hours.


The cold snap was not entirely all that bad in that it also came with phenomenally crisp clear nights filled with stars (we haven’t been staying up late enough to catch the No. lights but they’ve been very active this winter). We’ve been having cold blue dawns that explode on the horizon in a pastel palate of blues, purples, and pinks.












Over the Thanksgiving holiday we had were visited by a moose one morning out the front door. I opened the door to take a picture and it was right on the other side feeding on some rhubarb leaves. I startled it and was able to capture this shot as it was regaining its footing and taking off for the back yard.

The past few days have been snowing here non-stop. We have gotten 14.5″ and the snow continues to fall quietly in large beautiful flakes. Today I played in the snow for awhile while clearing the front steps. Walking around in the back yard in 3 feet of snow. I walked out to the garden in the back looking for any residual frozen raspberries to photograph in the snow and didn’t find any, but did find a lot of snow and beautiful photo ops!







This was the view from my front steps this morning. The air was still and quiet and as I was taking this picture, one lone squeeky bird was flying by in the darkness. Joy

Still not sure why, but lets give it another shot anyway.