Mostly things we don’t want to forget. Not things we’re telling you to make. All recipes should be sanity checked.



  • Unless specified, all onions are yellow. Not white. Not sweet.
  • My goto rice is Tamanishiki Genmai a very good short-grained brown rice.
  • El Yucateco Kutbil-Ik is my current favorite day-to-day hot sauce. It’s cheap, easy to find, and has more than enough flavor to balance its heat.
  • If I’m splurging, CaJohn’s pepper purees are tastey.


  • Cookware doesn’t get any better than Falk Culinair
  • All my favourite utensils seem to come from Dexter-Russell
  • I’m a fan of HDPE cutting boards, like Sanalite. For my kitchen, 18x12x3/4″ is the perfect size
  • My favourite cookbooks


  •  Costco gets a bad rap for the sheer amount of HFCS, and other crap, they sell but we go there almost weekly for fish, vegetables, and fruit. They’re great.
  • I dig Anchorage Restaurant Supply. They always have what I’m looking for, and what I didn’t know I was looking for.
  • Living in Alaska, I often see the problem-solving side of merchants. the wok shop has always treated me well.
  • I’ve been buying teas from Holy Mountain Trading Company for over 10 years. With their selection, prices, and service, I’ve never been tempted to try another.